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If you are looking for a touch of the popular "70's Soul Jam",  the much talked about "Classic Soul Tour", the Motown Sound, and just overall good soul music, then you have come to the right place.  
Backstage Pass Photo Gallery consist of personal pictures taken by Mr. Wendal, bass player with the Dramatic Players during their many tours with the Dramatics, and the aforementioned tours.  Soul is a passion of which the PLAYERS express their interpretation through their musical instruments.  Backstage Pass gives you entry to see the Players, and their colleagues, as they tour to various concerts.
Among some of the pictures you will see with your Backstage Pass are: the Funk Brothers, the O'Jays, Dennis Edwards' Temptation Revue, the Dramatics, Tom Joyner, Ms. Dupree, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Micheal Henderson, Mary Jane Girls, Dramatic-Fans, Cedrick the Entertainer, Magic Johnson, and many more artist and entertainers.
So, pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy
Mr. Wendal's Backstage Pass Photo Gallery.

Film Roll

(Note: Mr. Wendal, an amateur photographer, takes his photos using one time only cameras.  The  pictures from his private collection, are not to be re-published without his written permission.  Pictures not owned by Mr. Wendal on this site will be obvious to the viewer.)

The Dramatics & Dramatic Players

Dramatic Players

Mr. Wendal & Tom Joyner, 2002

The Dramatic Players

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Initial publishing date -  May 11, 2002