Backstage Pass Photo Gallery
70's Soul Jam Tour

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Arizona, Atlanta, California, Florida, D.C., Detroit, Las Vegas, Louisiana, MD, Ohio, etc.

Beautiful Las Vegas

NY NY Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Looking Good CHI-LITES

The Untouchable STYLISTICS


The Ever Cool CHI-LITES

Alexander O'Neal

Lenny Mayes

Let's give it to the Sound-Man

CARL - Dramatic's Sound-man

You've Got to Have that Sound Board

Chuck "Come on, Let's go Man"

Our Wonderful Fans

Waitress - "Can I get you anything?"

"Well now, California, what can I say."

Dramatic Fan - Sharon


Motown Cafe' - Vegas

"THE STYLISTICS" (Aug , 2002)

"My name is Squirrel"

Dramatics at a private party

You have to admit L.J., Women love me


DRAMATICS - Looking Good

"Sing yo song, LENNY"

"I Can't Get Over You"

Derrick & Wendal says "We don't wanna leave."

Benny - Dramatic Player - Guitar

Dramatic Fan

Dramatic Fan

Dramatic Fan - Arizona

~~ "Whatchu See is Whatchu Get" ~~

Greek Theatre - California

"Hello Drama Fans"

Russell of the Stylistics -1996

Willie Ford "It wasn't me"

Al Green - 1996

Carl Carlton

Carl Carlton sings "Bad MamaJama"

"Me, Myself, and I."

Charles Underwood - Mr. Wendal

"Well, we do eat sometimes."

"Hey, you may just find me anywhere"

Loc - Drummer Band Leader

Al Jones, Alto Sax (Dramatics, Tempts Rev. TFO)

Rick James' former Road Mgr (House of Blues)

California Girl

Outside by the Bay "I love California."

"Come on, lets go to the 70's Soul Party. "

"Unless you wanna GO TO TOP. "