Backstage Pass Photo Gallery
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Inside of Detroit Fox Theatre

Ok Man, don't take that picture

Otis Williams in Detroit

"Pree" and "Valery Simpson" (2001/02)

Hollywood - Checking the Scene

L. J. says "I just love these drums"

Ron relaxing in dressing room

Poster - Japan 1994

JAPAN - 1994

"As you can see, I love my bass guitar"

Wendal - Bringing in the year 2002

The Fox is where the Motortown Revue was held

The Fox Theatre - Detroit

I like, making you so happy


Wendal's pal Kerry -Temptations Bassist

Valery Simpson in Detroit

Dramatics in Detroit

TFO BAND in Detroit

Wendal's shattered ankle, assisted by brothers. Notice the red musical note on the ankle.

Lenny Mayes relaxing in dressing room

Dramatics in Japan

"Sure, I play a little piano also."

Coolio - 1996

Need I say more?

Ron & Eddie Lavert - 1996

Dramatic Fans


Are you ready for the CLASSIC SOUL TOUR?

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The Motor City Swingers

Inside of Fox Theatre - Close and Upfront.

Well, I think I did a pretty good job

Adrian - Guitar for The Temptations

The late Les Harvey, Dramatics Manager

A Dramatic Fan

Derrick - Former Dramatic Player

L.J. relaxing in dressing room

"Do you see this?"

Japan - 1994

Tokyo -1994

"Every chance I get"

Winzell "Man I am tired, but cool."

Fox Theatre Outside